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It’s said that the biggest predictor of whether or not someone obtains long term care coverage is if they have had a personal experience.

 They’ve seen a need for extended care….one that lasted weeks, months, or even years, most commonly with their own parents. They’ve seen what it means when the daily burden of care giving falls on the shoulders of their loved ones.

 And they may have seen – if the recipient had a long term care policy – the relief that insurance can bring in the form of the easy ability to obtain appropriate care giving.

 Here are a few of the reasons people obtain long term care coverage:

  • Preservation of capital and retirement income
  • Inheritance preservation
  • Avoiding family disputes over money when care giving is needed 

But the primary reason people obtain the protection is because they love their families, and the freedom that comes with it that a pile of money – specially earmarked for extended care – can bring.

When it comes down to it, people buy long term care protection for the same reason they buy life insurance…. to protect the people they care about.