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Long Term Care Insurance



“Meredith is knowledgeable, thorough, honest and easy to work with. She made sure I understood what I was buying and why it made sense and how to choose among the various products. Meredith truly cares about her clients and made getting insurance a pleasant experience.” – S.S.


“My wife and I purchased a long-term care policy through Meredith. She was very professional, well-informed, thoughtful and honest. She promptly responded to our many requests for information, providing not only the information we requested but also additional information that was relevant and helpful. She helped us make our choice by being informative and available. It was a pleasure to work with her.” – J.H.


“Meredith, you really made the difference in getting us through our trials and tribulations during the long-term care insurance approval process. We have learned a lot from you, and you really steered a steady course for us. We can’t thank you enough for all you have done with your creative solutions. We so much appreciate your wise advice and counsel – we are so much better off for having worked with you!” – B. & D.C.


“I recently purchased a long-term care policy through Meredith Pensack. I found Ms. Pensack extremely well qualified, helpful and very pleasant to work with. She answered all of my questions, made sure I understood the many particulars, and worked to secure a policy that fit my needs. In addition, she worked very hard to secure the policy at the lowest possible rate and to provide the greatest economic value. I would highly recommend her to any future contacts.” – E.L.


“Meredith Pensack is by far the best insurance specialist I have ever worked with. She not only is incredibly knowledgeable about competing products, but also was able to distill and communicate the subtle but important differences in the products so that I could make the absolute right decision about price and coverage that best met my needs. When faced with obstacles she never, ever gave up, but worked with me and the insurance companies for more than one year until I was approved for the policy that I both deserved and desired. I have recommended her to others who have benefited from her experience and professionalism. This is one person that I always want on my side.” – J.L.

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