Preserving Choice and Dignity When You Need Care

If you ever have a long-term illness, a chronic condition or Alzheimer's disease, or even an accident, you may need help with things like bathing, dressing and eating. Your family may want to help you, but they may not be physically able to provide care or their busy schedules may make it difficult to devote enough time to your needs. Aides can come into your home, but these costs are not usually covered by ordinary health insurance policies and Medicare. These expenses can quickly deplete your nest egg, no matter how much you've saved. This is when long-term care insurance can help.

Long-term care insurance (LTCi) can help cover the cost of care you receive at home. It can help cover services in an assisted living facility, and if you require skilled care, nursing home expenses can be covered.

It helps you maintain your dignity and financial freedom and gives you the flexibility to participate in making choices that impact your care - about the services you receive, where you receive them and who provides the care you need...on your terms.

Long-term care insurance helps pay for your care and can help protect your assets by reimbursing you for covered expenses up to the amounts set forth in your policy. Depending upon the type of policy you choose, this insurance can reimburse you for a wide variety of home, community-based and facility care services, and can offer you care options that may not be covered through government programs.


I’m Meredith Pensack and since 2003 I’ve helped well over a thousand people protect their retirement portfolio as well as their families. I specialize in LTC insurance solutions, including hybrid options that combine either life insurance or an annuity. This is my passion and I look forward to helping you, too.